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Frog Pond Village receptions are truly "wow" experiences! We go out of our way to make you and your guests feel comfortable and welcome in this "Up-North" feel good setting! The food and service are amazing and the setting is incredible.

We make the catering planning easy by using an outstanding in-house all-inclusive caterer:


Grandview Catering    


Tadpole Ballroom

Capacity: 150 comfortably

French doors completely open to the patio, gardens, grounds and ponds!


View Photo Gallery

Bullfrog Ballroom

Capacity: 300 comfortably

Soft sides completely open to the patio, gardens, grounds and ponds!


View Photo Gallery

Retainer fee & Payment Schedule:

  • 1st Payment: $500 retainer fee is due at the time of booking in your date
  • 2nd payment: $1500 Payment is due 90 days prior to your event
  • 3rd Payment: Remaining balance and tax is due two weeks prior to your event.


There is a $45.00 charge for returned checks.
6% sales tax will be charged on all purchases (including floral, alcohol and beverages)
0% sales tax will be charged on all labor including bartenders
6% use tax will be charged on only 25% of all space rental and miscellaneous/décor & linen rentals.


  • Caterer's service/prep area
  • Stage
  • Set up, tear down, clean up
  • Table number holders (not numbers)
  • Patio heaters for cool evenings
  • Tables and chairs
  • Bar, not bartenders
  • Dance floor w/ twinkle lights and greenery in the overhead pergola
  • Elegant candlesticks and candles for each table
  • Lighted trees indoors, party lights outdoors
  • Bride's private lounging room
  • White table linens (to the floor) with white overlays (not napkins)
  • Frog Pond Village personnel on property during your event

Fire pit: (a fire pit fee of $50, includes wood, to be paid to Frog Pond Village) the fire pit is available for s’mores done by your caterer only. We do not allow do-it-yourself s’mores. The fire pit is also available for a recreational fire for one hour only from 8:00 to 9:00 pm for an additional charge of $45. This includes an attendant to man the fire during this hour!

General: Frog Pond Village is not responsible for lost or stolen items by anyone in my party or any vendor who is working before, during, or after my event. Frog Pond Village reserves the right to oversee and control all events, including the volume of music within reason and the right to ask anyone to leave that may become unruly or refuse to abide by the house rules. Frog Pond Village reserves the right to use any photos taken on property in any future advertising. (If we are requesting photos from your photographer, we will work directly with him/her).

Smoking is not permitted inside any Frog Pond facilities…there are designated areas outside for smoking. Fire exits, aisles, and Equipment cannot be blocked. Absolutely no fireworks are allowed. I agree to stay within the parameters of my rental space unless permission is granted by Frog Pond Village prior to my event. I agree to stay within my reserved time slot and that if I want more time, it would have to be prearranged with Frog Pond Village prior to my event and at a charge of $250. Per hour. I agree that my chosen vendors abide by Frog Pond Village’s clean up and etiquette rules. I understand that if these rules are not followed by my hired vendors, it may result in additional excess cleaning fees that will be taken from my damage deposit.

Candles: All open-flame candles must be ordered through FPV floral department only. FPV standard candle centerpieces come with the rental of The ballroom at no charge. FPV offers additional votives with candles included for a charge of $1.50 each. If you choose to bring in your own candles, you must use battery operated ones. (You may bring in your own unity candle w/ tapers for your ceremony)


Flowers and Décor:: You may choose any florist you wish. (Visit www.frogpondvillage.com, click on "Wedding Professionals" and "Flowers" or "Rentals - Linens, Miscellaneous & Decor" for more information)
If you choose to order flowers and décor from Frog Pond Village florist/décorator: All floral/décor items purchased or rented through FPV will be placed properly and torn down by Frog Pond Village at no charge. There is no charge to use any of our containers and/or vases.


Linens: All linens must be rented thru FPV linen department only. This includes colored napkins, overlays, chair sashes, and drapes for dance floor, altar, bridge, swing. (White napkins are provided through your caterer) (Visit www.frogpondvillage.com, click on "Wedding Professionals" and "Linens") Since our newly purchased bistro chairs for our ballrooms…chair covers have become a non-existing requested item and therefore are no longer available through Frog Pond Village.

If you choose someone other than Frog Pond Village florist/decorator or you "do-it-yourself" you will be allowed a 2 hour time slot at no charge (usually the day before & at your convenience) to do any extra decorating, put your favors on the tables, table numbers, etc. If you tear down your décor and/or gather your personal items at the end of your event, you may do this between 11:00 and 12:00 midnight. Removal of any outside equipment/props/floral items, etc. brought in must be removed from our facility directly after your event if there is another event scheduled for the following day in your ballroom (or) the Monday following your event at 10:00 am if no other events are scheduled in your chosen facility the following day. If you are doing this on the Monday following your event, you will be allowed a 2 hour time slot for tear down of same. If your event requires additional time for decorating and/or tear down by you and/or you’re outside florist/decorator/coordinator, etc there is a charge of $50. Per hour for this additional time. Décor must not damage any props or any part of building and property. All decorations must be made of non-combustible materials. Absolutely no floral designing is allowed on Frog Pond Village property. Frog Pond Village will accept pre-designed centerpieces and personal flowers only. Frog Pond Village does not provide cooler space for the storage of flowers prior to your event. Frog Pond Village does not allow flowers/décor to be attached to our standard candle centerpieces by others, other than Frog Pond Village Florist. Handling of our equipment and standard décor must be done by Frog Pond Village staff only. Frog Pond Village does not allow the removal or relocation of existing props/trees/tables etc. Without pre-approval. You must get pre-approval for the use of tape, pins, staples, nails, etc. for attaching décor. We do not have an option to switch out chairs.


Restrictions: Sparkles, mints, confetti, jelly beans, smoke machines, and favors containing alcohol are not allowed among some others. (It is always best to check prior to your event to avoid any unwanted surprises.)


Time: If you are having reception only at Frog Pond Village, your reserved time slot is 6:30 pm until midnight unless you purchase Additional time to start earlier @ $250. Per hour. (We do not sell time by the ½ hour) If you are having your ceremony and reception both at Frog Pond Village, you may come in two hours prior to your ceremony for Preparation and photos at no additional cost and stay until midnight. Our standard start time for ceremonies is 5:00 pm. A 4:00 pm start time will be charged one additional hour…etc.


Photography and videography: You may choose any photographer or videographer you wish. (For our recommendations,visit www.frogpondvillage.com, click on "Wedding Professionals" and "Photography" and/or "Videography") Photography and videography is allowed only within your rented space and only during the time of which you are scheduled to be on site, unless permission has been given by Frog Pond Village prior to the day of your event and at a cost of $ 250. Per hour. If photographers or videographers move any props, chairs, tables, etc. inside the facility or outside on the grounds, these items must be put them back into place immediately following the photo shoot for that particular area. If candles are relit by the photographer or videographer, they are responsible to distinguish immediately after the photo is taken!


Alcohol and beverages: (For our price list and how to figure how much to purchase,visit www.frogpondvillage.com, click on "Wedding Professionals" and ) You must purchase all alcohol, beverages, coffee, iced tea, lemonade and such through Frog Pond Village. Miscellaneous items such as CO2, ice, pop, garnishes, plastic ware, bar incidentals, mixers, etc. will be included in your miscellaneous package (bundled for your convenience) and must also be purchased through Frog Pond Village as well. NO outside alcohol may be brought in by hosting party or their guests. No alcohol may be consumed in the parking lot or on property except for designated areas and may not be taken beyond same. We have a zero tolerance policy towards drinking in our parking lot or tailgating from a trunk of a vehicle. Anyone who does not comply with these rules set forth by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission will be asked to leave the premises immediately.


Bartenders: You are required to use Frog Pond Village’s bartenders per the Michigan Liquor Control Commission for an additional fee. (visit www.frogpondvillage.com, click on "Wedding Professionals" and "Alcohol and Beverages")


Bar: I agree that the bar will not be open until after my wedding ceremony. The bar will remain open throughout your cocktail hour and reception unless you as the hosting party give us a special request to temporarily close it, say during dinner…which we do not recommend. The bar and the music shuts down promptly at 11:00 pm. You will then have one hour until midnight to socialize and gather your personal items. Bartenders must serve all alcohol thru the bar… we do not allow any bottles of alcohol or pitchers to leave the bar.


Cakes: You may choose any cake baker/designer you wish. (for our recommendations, visit www.frogpondvillage.com, click on "Wedding Professionals" and "Cake Artistry") We do not provide cooler space for the storage of cakes prior to your event. Our walk-in coolers are reserved for the Frog Pond Village florist and for your caterer’s use only.


Catering: You MUST use our preferred caterer. (For our in-house catering prices, visit www.frogpondvillage.com, click on "Wedding Professionals" and "Catering Services")


Glassware vs. plasticware for the bar and all other beverages (hot or cold): Frog Pond Village will only stock disposables that will be included in the miscellaneous bar package. If you would like glassware, you will need to request this through your caterer, which is considered an upgrade through them.


Glassware vs. plasticware for the serving of food:
- Salad and main course…China and silver is required at Frog Pond Village and is included in your food package.
- Hors d'oeuvres and Cake/Dessert…you may use plastic which is included in your food package.
Glassware for these will need to be ordered by you and is considered an upgrade through your caterer.



Audio and Visual: Want to do a presentation and/or have your dancing on the big flat screens all evening? We have equipment for these…$100. Rental for Tadpole Equipment (pull down screen) ~ $200. Rental for Tadpole Equipment (flat screens)

Music: You must use our in-house D.J. (Mr. Music) (Erin Anderson 231-946-8742) (visit www.frogpondvillage.com, click on Wedding Professionals and then "Disc Jockey" for more information) "Exception" ...you may hire a live band.


I agree to the cancellation policy below:

1.Notice of cancellation must be presented in writing to Frog Pond Village with signature of same that is On the contract. Date of cancellation becomes effective the date it is received by Frog Pond Village.

2. 3 days or less from signing this contract, full deposit refund is given.

3. 6 months or more prior to scheduled event date, client forfeit’s the nonrefundable deposit and any Additional payments paid previously to Frog Pond Village.

4. 90 days - 6 months prior to scheduled event date, client forfeits any previous payments and agrees To pay the scheduled payment of $1,500.00.

5. 89 days or less prior to scheduled event date, client forfeits any previous payments and agrees to Pay the additional cancellation charge of 100% of the balance.

I agree to pay a $500.00 damage deposit (separate check) due two weeks prior to my event. This will be returned to me providing there are no damages or unpaid balance due or excessive cleaning fees. Or you may keep a current credit card on file giving authorization to use for this credit card for this purpose up to the $500 limit.

I agree to pay $1,500.00 (nonrefundable) at least 90 days prior to my event. I will not receive another reminder of this payment. If payment is not made on time, Frog Pond Village will assume that my event has been canceled and my date will become available to others. Any additional advance payments that I choose to make before my event become nonrefundable at the time the payment is made.

Frog Pond Village will send me a set up sheet along with a seating diagram approximately 30 days in advance. I promise to complete this form and return to Frog Pond Village along with the final balance and tax at least TWO WEEKS in advance of my event. I understand that the seating diagram must be in Frog Pond Village’s possession at least ONE WEEK prior to my event. I understand that if Frog Pond Village does not receive the completed seating diagram when due, that there will be a $75. Late fee per each day late.


To Book:

  • Call us at 231-357-9128 and choose your date and check availability.
  • Have us pencil you in (only if you are ready to send your reservation.)
  • Click on "Reservation Form" below, complete the form online, print, sign

  • Option 1: Scan and send your reservation/contract via email to frog@frogpondvillage.com and call us at
    231-357-9128 with your credit card information for payment of your retainer fee. There is a 4% fee for credit card use.

  • Option 2: Send your reservation/contract and a check for your retainer fee via US mail to:
    Frog Pond Village
    P.O. Box 383
    Interlochen, MI 49643

    (Remember to keep a copy for yourself.)