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Camping has been around for centuries now. It has been in existence for as long as man has been looking for shelter from elements. Camping was majorly seen as a form of lighter living, from the time armies used to set them up as temporary homes during the war. It is during the 1900’s that people started to embrace camping for leisure. More than a hundred years down the line and the enthusiasm is inextinguishable. More and more people are embracing this activity. Thanks to our many years in the industry, we consider ourselves the best in this industry, here at GlamXperience.

Glamorous camping, commonly known as glamping, combines camping with the luxurious warmth and comfort of a hotel. In this mode of camping, dealing with insects infestations is a thing of the past. You get to experience a steamy spa, king-sized mattress, and serene foods in a natural camping setting amped up with luxury.

In the past, camping was associated with sleeping in dark tents, cooking by campfire, and not bathing. Glamping has come to remedy that and bring luxury to the camping experience. Glamping creates a five-star hotel experience in a fabric shell that offers extreme human comfort mixed with exposure to the wilderness.

Types of Glamping Accommodation


These are tents whose walls are made of fabric. Due to their round shape, they are more stable compared to other tents. In addition to being easy to construct, the tipis keep warm in winter, cool in summer, dry during heavy rains, and is also easily transportable.  For glampers who want something a little traditional, then tipis are the best choice of accommodation

2.Safari Tents

Safari tents are majorly designed to provide comfortable tent-like experience for visitors going on safaris in Africa. The shape of these tents is house-like and can have separate rooms fitted with screen windows which can open. Since the walls of the tents are supported by a network of poles, the tents are much heavier and less easy to transport. They, however, offer greater stability and more headroom.

GlamXperience3.Tent Cabins

This type of tent has a frame which is made of metal pipes that are connected to a wooden floor and raised above the ground. It is normally found in national parks and beach resorts. The upside of it is that it can have amenities such as electricity and running water. It basically has luxurious furnishing.

4.Bell Tents

Bell tents have designs similar to those of tipis, having a high roof and woven sides. The only difference is that bell tents have a support pole that is centrally placed, and held apart by tension cables that are pegged to the ground. The pros that come with this design is that it has a large interior space that can accommodate a number of people. Among the class of big tents, it is the most portable. 


Domes come with a design that allows the greatest volume of space within the least surface area. It is also very strong and stable making is most suitable for places with extremely windy conditions.

At GlamXperience, we design, manufacture and build high-quality tents to make your camping experience fun and worthwhile.

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