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Three of the most sold Irish items worldwide

Globalization and technological advancements have had a significant impact on markets all over the world. People nowadays have access to goods from everywhere: anyone in India can buy products from the US and vice versa for nearly the same price. This has had a major effect on the production and trade of goods originating from relatively smaller countries. Ireland was one of the countries that benefited from the modernization of markets. Classic Irish goods have now found their way onto the shelves of markets all over Europe, Asia, and America, thanks to online shopping and globalization. Here’s a rundown of the most commercialized Irish goods out there:

Guinness drinks

The epitome of high-quality beverages, the Guinness beers are a standard for perfection when it comes to brewers worldwide. Having a history that stems from the middle of the 18th century to our days, the Guinness Breweries were initially funded with only a mere hundred pounds. The original property they were created on was signed on a legendary 9000 year lease by the original owner of the brand, and the rest is history. Excellence in a bottle, as described by alcohol enthusiasts all around the world, it is widely recognized as one of the tastiest drinks one would ever have. Overall, Guinness drinks are now available in bars and stores on every continent, allowing it to indulge one’s taste buds to the fullest.

Irish flat caps

Now this is something that you do see every day, even though you probably didn’t know they were Irish. Irish flat caps, also known as the newsboy’s hats, due to the fact that boys that sold papers were always wearing one of these, have been of the most commercialized clothing items worldwide when it comes to headpieces. These were originally a symbol of the working class and non-noble men, but have steadily made their way up the ranks, until they became a sign of elegance. Usually crafted from tweed, wool, or cotton, the Irish flat caps exude simplicity in the most stylish way possible. They combine comfort, affordability and adaptability, in order to create the perfect hat for men to wear. One’s wardrobe should not lack Irish flat caps for men, so if you are looking to fill that gap in your closet, go check out  Gentlemen all across the globe pair the flat caps with tweed suits and fancy accessories like expensive watches, so as to show how careful they are with their style.

Saint Patrick’s Day memorabilia

Even though it is a classical Irish celebration, Saint Patrick’s Day receives worldwide recognition, and along with it, its symbols do too. Items such as shamrocks, in the form of broches, pins, necklaces or earrings, horseshoes and leprechaun hats are purchased all around the globe to either be gifted to Irish people that moved outside of their country, or Irish-heads that are just too into the culture to miss this chance to get a taste of it. Nevertheless, this holiday is a profitable occasion for entrepreneurs to boost their sales via online platforms, earning millions of dollars in profit each year, so the color green is not only suited for clothes, but for pockets as well, according to This is one of the things that keep the Irish economy going, and we love to see it!.

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Three of the most sold Irish items worldwide