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4 Memorable Holiday Activities You Should Consider In Venice

Certainly, it is not your first timeto hear the name Venice. It is the place where Shakespeare set his plays. The Merchant of Venice and Juliet & Romeo feature many things about this Italian city.

Apart from this, the city is home to tourist attractions and history. Your visit to Venice will offer you an opportunity to get back to ancient times. There are many things to see and do when you consider this city as your next vacation destination.

Whether you are coming to spend a weekend here or your annual leave, you will find a superb activity that will meet your needs. Here are the 4 memorable activities you should consider:

Tour the Grand Canal

Your travel tour in Venice should start on the Grand Canal. This canal divides the city into two equal parts. The S-shaped waterway offers you a chance to view many historical sites. Also, you’ll get many routes to tour the city. The canal is a walking distance from the train station. When you walk on this canal, you will have enjoyable and memorable moments.

Go for a sailing trip to Burano

Are you a sailing enthusiast? You should not worry as this city has you at heart. When you get a Venice yacht charter, you have an opportunity to enjoy a sailing trip to Burano. Burano is one of the fantastic islands in the Venice region. The island is the haven of Venetian secrets and laced works. You will have a chance to view colored homes. Here, you can take a picture to keep your tour in this place memorable.

Visit Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco or the St. Mark Square is an excellent place for magnificent architectural structures. It is the home of Basilica di San Marco, a mosaic church, where the remains of St Mark were buried after getting them from Egypt. Also, the square is a haven of exploration about Venice history. You’ll have a chance to enjoy local cultural and historical elements.

Take a photo at Rialto Bridge

Are you wondering where to capture a picture that you’ll keep as a treasure? Think no further as Rialto Bridge is a perfect choice. This bridge is among the oldest structures in Venice city. It will offer you an excellent shot that will make your trip to this city memorable. You can capture an image from the side as you stand by the water. You can also have a shot of the bottom part as you pass under the bridge on a yacht or boat.  However, be ready to wait as there is some queue waiting to take a shot.

Wrapping Up

In a word, your tour of Venice should not be boring. You have an array of activities you can do to make your moments awesome. Remember to have a heavy pocket as accommodation in Venice is abit high. However, there are some cheap apartments that will give you a Venetian experience. As such, you’ll have a memorable holiday and breath-taking experience.

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4 Memorable Holiday Activities You Should Consider In Venice