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Boutique Hotels You Can Stay At On A Trip To Madrid, Miami and San Diego

If you are planning a short trip with your buddies to a city where you can have fun, laze around on the sunny beaches and have the time of your lives, then the best places to visit are Madrid, Miami, and San Diego. These might seem like unconventional choices to some, and these are not exactly the typical locations tourists crowd every summer. However, these are the perfect places to vacation at especially if you do not want your trip to burn a huge hole in your pocket. Although, these cities are a little crowded most of the year, but we promise the experiences you will have there, will all be worth it.

If you are sold on the idea of travelling to Madrid, Miami or San Diego on your next trip, then let us make the planning a little easier for you by helping you shortlist some great Best Hotels in Miami to make your trip more safe and comfortable.

We have compiled a list of the Best Hotels in Madrid in each city which you can book depending on your requirements, taste and of course your finances. The list has been carefully tailored depending on the ratings given to the hotels by various publications, and the recommendations of previous customers. Furthermore, the per night price (the prices can be subjected to change) of renting a suite or room, in each hotel has been mentioned in the list to help you narrow down.

Best Hotels in Madrid:

  1. Hotel Relais & Châteaux Orfila

Cost: $282

  1. Hostal Central Palace

Cost: $58

  1. Hotel Catalonia Las Cortes


  1. The Principal Hotel

Cost: $254

  1. Tótem Hotel

Cost: $180

  1. Urso Hotel & Spa

Cost: $175

  1. Only You Boutique Hotel

Cost: $195

  1. ApartosuitesJardines de Sabatini

Cost: $105

Best Hotels in Miami:

  1. East Hotel

Cost: $339

  1. Biltmore Hotel

Cost: $459

  1. Room Mate Lord Balfour Hotel

Cost: $150

  1. Nautilus a Sixty Hotel

Cost: $237

  1. Resort Fontainebleau

Cost: $429

  1. The Betsy Hotel South Beach

Cost: $424

  1. Hotel Croydon

Cost: $158

  1. Soho Beach House

Cost: $240

Best Hotels in San Diego

  1. Hotel The US Grant

Cost: $ 179

  1. La Valencia Hotel

Cost: $279

  1. Tower 23 Hotel

Cost: $229

  1. Hotel Z Staypineapple

Cost: $109

  1. Lafayette Hotel Swim Club & Bungalows

Cost: $160

  1. Hilton Hotel La Jolla

Cost: $161

At which hotel (from the ones mentioned above) would you like to stay at next and why? Also, if you already have vacationed at one of these Best Hotels in San Diego, then do tell us what you like best about it and how your overall stay there was. Furthermore, if you have already been to Madrid, Miami, and San Diego and had stayed at a different hotel (that is not mentioned on the list) which you really liked; then let us know, so we can add that to our list as well.

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Boutique Hotels You Can Stay At On A Trip To Madrid, Miami and San Diego