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A cooking vacation stimulates all the senses. Your eyes get to feast on colorful markets while you enjoy the sound of traders and the sizzle of food stalls. The smell of food all around you can make you crave for food even when you are not hungry. Most people who go on tour want to experience the cuisine of the place they visit. There are many options for a cooking vacation at


Italian cuisine has been luring plenty of tourists for decades now. Chefs in Italy can turn the simplest recipes into excellent culinary experiences. The ingredients are so fresh they offer a unique taste. A special cooking vacation can let you learn a new set of culinary skills. You can then have the taste of Italian food wherever you go. Courses or tours can take one whole day to up to ten weeks. There are special workshops and an immersive food program available for everyone. You can learn dishes depending on the season. You also get to learn about their histories.


Greek food is well-known as healthy and delectable at the same time. Taking part in a Greek cooking vacation lets you experience the real Greece. You will learn how to create delicious and authentic Greek dishes by yourself. There are also plenty of fascinating areas to visit in Greece. The beauty and charm of this country are undeniable. The lively and warm smile of the Greek people adds to the outstanding food and cuisine of Greece. A group tour usually has at least three participants and at most twelve. Tours can take as short as one day and as long as more than a week.


Thai food preserves optimal nutrition while cooking. Most ingredients used have plenty of medicinal values and health benefits. The traditional taste of Thai cuisine is a combination of four key tastes. These are sweet, salty, bitter, and sour. The balance of these tastes gives Thai cuisine its distinctive taste. Most Thai food offers a great aroma long before it arrives at your table. Cooking vacation in Thailand can include yoga, a jungle tour, and a lot more. You can choose to have the tour for two days or more.

Make sure you prepare well before you travel for a cooking vacation. Check your tickets, papers, and necessary documents. Ensure you have medicine for emergencies. It is best to call ahead and confirm the details of your tour before you leave.

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