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Different Stag Do Ideas to Consider

In all honesty, you can drink 10 pints at a local pub or you could be with your best mate in Spain, on their last weekend before they are married, and it should be a little more memorable. Here are a few stag ideas that you ought to consider that will certainly make the groom-to-be’s moment with you a long-lasting memory.

1. Barcelona Bangers

Are you having trouble coming up with Barcelona stag ideas right now? If you were to simply sit on the beach for the entire weekend, that would be a waste of time. At this particular coastal city, like the funĀ EVG capital Porto, there are many fun things to do. You need to get everyone up out of bed, check out a few bars, and discover why so many people regard Spain’s second city as being the first when it is actually not.

Camp Nou Stadium Tour

If the groom that you are trying to show a good time is a fanatic over football, Barcelona stag ideas might lead you to Camp Nou. You should consider taking the stadium tour while you are there. There are many things to see including the dugouts, changing rooms, commentators box, museum and even the pressroom.

Beach bar crawl

One of the top activities that people are attracted to when they reach Spain is going to the bars that so many people covet. It might be advantageous to go to Barceloneta beach, for the sole purpose of doing what many people call a beach bar crawl. There are several places including lounges and chiringuitos that have a great view of the ocean. If you happen to be in Barcelona, this is highly recommended for any stag that is there.

Yacht charter

Many people believe that chartering a yacht is going to be out of the price range, but that’s not the case if you are in Barcelona. We, in fact, have access to both charter and motor yachts, all of which are priced affordably. You might head over to Port Olimpic or try to achieve the ranks of Ambramovich et al. The time you will be on the cruise will be roughly 2 hours. Bottles of cava can be thrown in for the purpose of toasting the groom in his final hours as a bachelor.

2. Canyoning in Malaga

Extreme sports are something else to consider, or perhaps taking a canoe over to Malaga. Just make sure that safety gear is supplied and used, something that can help people stay safe as they are going through this portion of the canyon. You do need to be physically fit, and it’s also recommended that you are able to swim while you are in the water. Having a fear of heights is not recommended! That is because you are going to be able to go to the top of waterfalls, jump off into pools of water and truly experience nature at its finest.

3. Beer Biking in Madrid

Whether you have been regularly cycling, or if it has been a few years, it really doesn’t matter with this next activity. After all, this will not be as tough as the Tour de France. You will likely have power assisted panels, and there will be a driver that can steer for you. All you have to do is relax and observe the beautiful landmarks that you will see in this area of Madrid.

Two L of beer will be provided for everyone on the tour which will last about one hour. They also have a Spotify sound system, allowing you to create any playlist that you want.

Some people will feel that they have experienced much of the culture, even though they will not be touring an art gallery. You are simply taking a tour of Madrid, preferably on a beer bike, heading to all of the top attractions. This will include seeing the Neptune fountain, Cibeles Square, and many other marble sculptures. Will also had through the old city gate of Puerta de Alcala, plus ride down one of the most exclusive and expensive streets called Serrano Street.

4. Buggy adventure in Benalmadena

Finally, a stag should not just simply sit on the beach, but shouldn’t they explore as much as possible? There is something called the Benalmadena buggy adventure, and experience that will take you away from the typical tourist attractions. Unlike most tours that may be conducted on a Jeep, you will literally be in the driver seat. Some have referred to this as off-road karting. Once you are in the buggy, you will be able to go down steep hills, reach high elevations, and experience some of the most beautiful shallow rivers and rock outcroppings.

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Different Stag Do Ideas to Consider