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Enjoy a Great Round of Golf in Pattaya

Mark Twain famously called golf “a good walk spoiled,” and whether you agree with him or not, there is no denying the fact that it’s a walk that tens of millions of people the world over are eager to take. From its humble beginnings in Scotland to the rise of PGA Golf Courses at the Masters in Augusta and Australia, golf has exploded into an international phenomenon.

That worldwide mania for golf has hit Thailand in the past couple of decades, leading to some of the best golf courses and country clubs in all Asia.

Pattaya has established itself as one of the premier places to get in a round of golf in Thailand.

Here are a few different ways that you can experience the glory of a great round of golf at the best course in Pattaya for yourself.

Business Membership

In terms of icebreakers for business purposes, it’s hard to top hitting the links for a round of 9 or 18. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the best golf courses in the Pattaya area are proud to be able to offer special services for entrepreneurs who choose to spend their valuable time at their course. Not only will you receive a special rate for your membership, but you’ll also be able to enjoy other perks that come with being a valued member of the club.

Individual Membership

For as great a business icebreaker as the best golf courses in Pattaya can be, nothing beats the calming feeling that one can get from being able to get in a game of golf on their own or with friends. That’s why the best golf course in the Pattaya area offers fantastic rates for individual membership. You’ll also be able to immerse yourself in the burgeoning golf community that frequents the country club.

Reserving and Booking a Round of Golf

Whether you are looking to hit the links on your own or are hoping to seal a business deal by the 18th hole, the fact remains that you’re going to want to book your reservations well ahead of time. You don’t want to lose your tee time simply because you forgot to book your reservation or waited too long and lost your spot to someone else. The best golf course in Pattaya thus makes it easy for golfers to book their rounds online.

Seek Out Promotions

Another great perk of booking a round of golf is the fact that golf courses love to promote themselves. As such, when it comes to hitting the country club to enjoy a round of 18, you’ll want to keep your eyes out and be ready to act if a golf in Pattaya promotion appears. The best Pattaya country clubs do indeed offer such promotional events (for example, they’ve played host to the LPGA before), so check back early and often.

If you’re ready for a golf experience unlike any other in Asia or, indeed, the world, then you’ll want to take your shot and book a round at the best golf course in Pattaya.

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Enjoy a Great Round of Golf in Pattaya