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How to Make Travelling to London with Children Easy?

Children are wonderful. Yes! When they’re sleeping or behaving.

Travelling with small children can be quite a hassle for any parent. Especially when they’re babies or toddlers and they have a wide range of needs that require an extensive repertoire of gadgets, space and hectic schedules. However, you should never stop travelling because you became a parent, not if it’s something that you love.

Travelling is a great way of releasing stress and boosting endorphins that make you happy and that are very much needed in the life of any new parent. There is happiness during parenthood! Happiness that goes beyond your child’s achievements and milestones.

If you recently had a child, then it’s very likely that you’ve come to believe that you’ll need to completely change your previous lifestyle and accept a sedentary life, limited by the boundaries of your hometown. That excitement and adventure are out there, out of reach, a lost memory of the life you once enjoyed.

Luckily for you is the 21st century and travelling as a parent doesn’t have to be a boring experience for you. It can still be magical, exciting and adventurous, and even better because you get to bring your mini you with you. It’s just a matter of learning a few hacks to make the experience easy and stress-free.

Pack the essentials

For thousands of years babies and children have been brought up in the world without the technology that we now enjoy, and our ancestor managed to survive because here we are. Your baby-gadgets make your life at home easier, and that’s great! But remember that you’re going travelling! You’ll want to only bring the essentials.

You and your child will most likely be busy going to touristic places or going out for peaceful walks around the city. Your child won’t need most of the things you use at home. Pack what’s really important and leave the rest behind.

Stay in a vacation rental, not a hotel

You want flexibility when travelling with babies and children, and you definitely want a kitchen! City hotels are not exactly children friendly. Hotel rooms are small and you’re lucky if you have a minibar. But when you have kids you know that there will be meal prep, bottles to be made, warmed and cleaned.

A vacation rental offers a peaceful environment where you can perform your parental duties while enjoying a fun vacation. There are great short term vacation rentals in London that are centrally located and give you the space that you need.

Exhaust them by day so you can enjoy the night

You might think that only your baby or toddler came included with extra battery life, but the truth is that all children came included with extra battery life. These little people seem to possess so much energy for such tiny bodies, they can run for hours and never tired. But London is definitely a city that will exhaust them in the day time. There are multiple children-friendly activities, parks, lots to see and lots of space to run in. By night-time, your kids will be snoring. Giving you and your partner the intimate time you so much need.

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How to Make Travelling to London with Children Easy?