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Villa Margherita, a charming Art Nouveau dwelling in Cinque Terre

If you are looking for an accommodation in Cinque Terre, Italy, you cannot miss the opportunity to spend your holiday in Villa Margherita hotel in Levanto. It is a charming Art Nouveau dwelling located a few minutes by train far from the most important villages of the Ligurian Riviera. There are several reasons why to book in Villa Margherita. Let’s find out more about this interesting example of private villa, now converted into a boutique hotel.

The history of Villa Margherita hotel in Levanto

Villa Margherita is a three floors building built in 1906, the golden ages of Art Nouveau in Italy. It was a private villa owned by the Campodonico, a noble family from Genoa.

Nowadays, it is a boutique hotel run by the heirs. It was completely renewed in 2006 but it preserves all the original details from the Art Nouveau period.

For example, in the breakfast room it is still possible to admire the original floor made of vintage tiles with a floral pattern. Flowers are the typical decorative element of Art Nouveau style. Alos, in the hall you can see a classic two-colored floor even in one of the double bedrooms it is possible to see a colorful floor made of tiles with an abstract floral design. The golden color predominates. This is a typical element of the Liberty style as the majolica. An amazing blue majolica floor is set in the double bedroom overlooking the garden.

Furnishings date back to the same period. Chairs and tables are made with solid wood while the fabrics reproduce floral motifs, according to the style of the house.

Flowers, abstract and geometric decorative elements are also visible outside the building. Look up you will discover the typical frames drawn on the yellow wall. They frame the windows, the terraces and the beauvoir, too.

The gardens and the terraces of Villa Margherita

As well as many of the other period villas, Villa Margherita has several exterior spaces such as the gardens and the terraces.

The building is surrounded by a park consisting of three spacious gardens. They are not set on the same level but they are set on different terraces overlooking the sea and the city.

All the gardens enjoy an elevated position above the street level, so you can have breakfast outside your room without being seen by passengers. Palm trees and several other tree species protect the garden from the outside so that to ensure your privacy.

On the second and the third floors there are two spacious terraces surrounded by a neoclassical colonnade. The capitals reproduce the floral style of the Corinthian ones. The elements inspired by the Greek and the Roman art are typical of the Italian Art Nouveau style as well as the flowers and the geometries.

As you can imagine, Villa Margherita is a typical building from this artistic movement and you cannot miss the opportunity to stop here while visiting Cinque Terre villages.

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Villa Margherita, a charming Art Nouveau dwelling in Cinque Terre