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Various events all around the year in hong kong

The events and festivals in hong kong will include the best festivals which are shown here. Two of the most popular tourist are the Chinese new year with including the international night performance. There is also the fireworks and the exhibition which are having Christmas and the winter festival. There are also we have listed the festivals of art, films, books, and literature which are having in hong kong.

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Hong Kong and the Macau Chinese new year are the flower markets. This is for the people who are in the Macau and hong kong and it is a very important custom for these people. They will give the potted plants, fresh flowers and the bouquets which are presented in the Chinese new year 2019. Fresh flowers are symbolizing good luck in these regions.

International Performance Night

In the parade of the Chinese new year, you will see the largest celebrations in hong kong. In 2019 you will see the performers who are coming from all around the world who are taking part in this parade.

 Fireworks Performance

One the 2nd day you will see the spring festival where fireworks are flying over the Victoria harbor. These fireworks are coordinated with the symphony of the lights and making the wonderful show of about 25 minutes.

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Art Festival

This art festival is proved to be very unique in hotel sheung wan mtr. You will see the cultural feast for the local and international tastes from the year 1973. There are numerous other world-class dance and music performances which are shown at this festival.

Film Festival

If you are the lover of films then you must never miss the international film festival of hong kong. All the filmmakers around the world are showing them there works freely. It is also an important platform where all Asian filmmakers are communicating with each other.

Dragon Boat Festival

This is the annual Ng festival which is the largest dragon boat race event that will be happening in hong kong. There are different boats in the shape of the dragon are participating with each other. It is a very unique chance for the tourist who is experiencing local customs.

Rugby Events

Hong kong is having the best people who are having the rugby fans. Every year in March and April rugby events are been organized. There are rugby fans who are arriving from all over the world.

Summer Shopping Season

Hong Kong is considered as the paradise of shopping. People all around the world are shopping for better quality products and at low prices. In July and august, the hong kong summer shopping festival begins.

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Various events all around the year in hong kong