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Why You Should Visit Mail Exchange Hotel

The Mail Exchange hotel is situated accessibly at the center of the CBD face to face with the Southern Cross Station and several meters from Marvel Stadium.  It’s the best place for the fans of different sports to meet, share a drink and have a chat as they wait for the match to start or leave to their destinations after a match. It’s the most convenient restaurant for you to have a cold beer or quick pre-concert bite. So why does everyone seem to like the Mail Exchange hotel?

Locally Sourced Produce and Seasonally-Inspired Menus

Here at the Mail Exchange hotel, you can order a variety of locally sourced produce and seasonally-inspired menus. The quality of our meals matches those found in most high-class and five-star hotels. At our hotel, you are not just eating healthy but also locally. If you are the kind who loves pairing their meals with fresh and cold drinks, we have got you covered.  We have a wide selection of properly and carefully curated wines so you can pick the best depending on your personal preferences.

Perfect for All

The Mail Exchange hotel is the most welcoming restaurant for all kinds of people. It’s the place for employed professionals, fanatic travelers, footy lovers, explorers, and much more. It’s the place where you get comfort and assurance regardless of your status.  Made up of 200-seat dining area, relaxing lounges, function rooms, courtyard, a modern bar, and free Wi-Fi, the Mail Exchange hotel is the most classic joint for all.

Affordable Drinks and Foods

The Mail Exchange hotel is a world-class hotel that boasts of the most inviting and lovely atmosphere. It’s the most promising destination for you to drink, eat, and celebrate. The hotel is open for dinner, lunch, and breakfast and any other kind of meal in between. It’s the central venue for tourists and locals to enjoy a cold craft beer on the tap and have a taste of bistro style bites. For those who don’t know, the bistro is an open meal that can be taken as dinner, breakfast or lunch at the comfort of plush leather upholstery.   In simple words, we have almost all seasonally-inspired menus that are prepared from locally sourced produce.

Best for Functions

Looking to hold any kind of celebration? The Mail exchange hotel has got you covered.  We have spacious and fully-committed rooms for holding events and meetings of all kinds.  Our team of committed and highly qualified specialists will help make your event memorable and enjoyable.

At our high-end restaurant, you can always pre-order your dinner, lunch or breakfast through our high-end and user-friendly website   We aim to provide the best and most reliable services to all our customers meaning with us you will enjoy the best services ever. For those planning to host some events, we have attractively designed and properly furnished rooms for you to host your event. With our supply of high-quality and affordable drinks and meals, you are sure to have an amazing dining and eatery event with us.

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Why You Should Visit Mail Exchange Hotel