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Photographer In Barcelona – A Walk Through Time

The city was founded in New Stone Age. Romans build a colony in the 1st century BC named Barcino, from where the name Barcelona is derived. Barcelona was under Muslim rule for 200 years then Christians took control of this city in the crusade. This city flourished during the medieval period and became the political and economic hub of the western Mediterranean. This lively vibrant city is the capital of Catalonia. The Catalonians have their own language Catalan, rich heritage and culture and run this region of Spain autonomously. Barcelona is famous for its iconic seafood, art culture, heritage, never-ending nightlife and beach sport. If you want to watch a bullfight in this city, you will be disheartened as it is banned from 1st January 2012. Barcelona has a wonderful coastline with Mediterranean climate making it a major tourist attraction. Summers are hot but not dry; winters are cold but without snow. The average temperature is around 25 to 30 C from May to October and 5 to 14C from December to April ideal for beach activities. Barcelona is a sunny, windy city getting almost 12hrs of sunlight and sweet ocean breeze.

The Geography

Barcelona has a unique geographical advantage as it is situated between sea and mountain. If you get a local photographer in Barcelona and dive and swim in beautiful beaches in La Costa Brava, then the snaps will make you remember those joyous moments.

Unforgettable city of art and passion

Museums, monuments, Gaudi`s work, and the Barcelona football team, make it an unforgettable city. Stroll down La Rambla where musicians with Spanish guitars play Spanish melodies; locals hang out you get an authentic and ethnic feeling of the city. In every twist and turn, you will be delighted. Basilica de la SagradaFamilia, the most unconventional church is most sought after sight in Barcelona.The18 lean towers give a unique look. Gothic Quarter has been spiritual for 2000 years. La Rambla is the social heart of the city. This tree-shaded broad avenue with shops, restaurant and outdoor café is a perfect hang out place. At the center, you will find the Fountain of Three Graces a perfect spot for a perfect picture taken by the photographer in Barcelona. Catalan cuisine is the ancient Mediterranean type of cooking using herbs found locally, meat and seafood from the Mediterranean. The taste will linger at the same time it is healthy. Cava similar kind of wine like champagne is produced in the region called Penedes goes well with seafood. Wine, dine and dive into beautiful beaches of Barcelona to make it a memorable vacation.

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Photographer In Barcelona – A Walk Through Time