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Top 4 photography trends in London in 2019

Whether you’re a designer who uses photo images or an avid photographer, you should know the photography trends in London in 2019. Photographer in the past is for those who use expensive cameras and taught how to use it. Today, smartphone cameras are so sophisticated that anyone can take a picture quickly.

With the coming of Instagram and Snapchat that are both packed with alluring images from amateur photographers, professional photographer today need to find ways to make commercially desirable and distinctive photography. Here, you see the list of the top 4 photography trends in Londres.

Greater authenticity

 Authentic pictures of real persons are now in demand at a fast pace. Given the increasing popularity of images in social media, and seeing fake news, audiences can become sensitive making it difficult for them to differentiate between real and fake news. The perfect pose and model shots that have become favorites in times past now looking unfashionable, cheesy and irrelevant.

Photographer today needs to have the ability to capture realistic and identifiable images of people and scenes to get the chance to connect with the public. Countless of commercial photographers now are doing so, from a sports magazine to website images to outdoor digital billboards and beyond.


Today’s photography positively features diversity. Photography requires to rebound the variety of society authentically to reflect how real the people are, or it will stay in the wrong ways. The A17 Jigsaw’s campaign posters, which is masterminded by London agency The Corner, is one of the best of photography trends. These posters combine a pro-immigration message with some stunningly arresting photography that included 45 immigrants working in the company.

This type of imagery is agreeably in line to the direction that fashion advertising trend, in particular, suggesting that print ads about fashion today are outperforming for the first time the runways in terms of racial diversity.

Photography trends in London in 2019

Original storytelling

Every picture has a story behind it. The ‘Maternity Wear for a 12-year-old’ ad campaign by Plan International, a humanitarian group, tells the story of “a collection that the world shouldn’t need.”

In the 2010s, the requirement of professional photography has dramatically decreased due to technical perfection and the inability to relate to engaging stories.


Humour is a powerful way for photography to grab attention and attract the senses on an intuitive level, especially when combined with a concise tagline. This was seen recently in the award-winning campaign Burning Stores for Burger King, that depicted several stores that were burned, with the tagline ‘Flame-grilled since 1954’.

Another example of photography trend includes the campaign ‘Pass the Heinz’ billboard by David Miami, which was based on an idea by ad exec Don Draper in TV show Madmen; and W+K London ’s campaign on ‘Ridiculous Possibilities’ for TK Maxx that draws on a ‘theatre of the absurd approach.’

Now that smartphone cameras are within easy reach to most people, professional photographers should learn now how to find a way to create trending photography.

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Top 4 photography trends in London in 2019