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Come to the Moco Museum and get connected

We live in an interconnected world thanks to the Internet. Today it is impossible to imagine life without being connected through our electronic devices. From work to leisure, the Internet is a fundamental tool useful in every occasion. There are many museum Amsterdam that offer art, but there is only one that connects you to an alternate future. At the Moco Museum you can enjoy various works of art created with the intention of showing you that there are different ways to connect. In this museum you can enjoy “Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism”. Created by Irma de Vries to show, in her own words “how internet technologies such as web browsers, search engines, and social media contribute to new ways of learning and how we connect with each other”. If you like technology and breaking with paradigms, you will enjoy this show full of lights, colors and music.

An explosion of connected emotions

We rarely realize that we can connect in many ways. In recent times it has been proven that we are a society that benefits from living connected. “Reflecting Forward” presents four spectacular spaces where people can connect with various sensations inside digital and constantly changing spaces. In the “Diamond Matrix” you can be reminded of the glow that exists within each of us. We are all diamonds, that under great pressure, we can shine. In the “Kaleidoscope” you can enjoy a psychedelic feeling of colors that connects you with your creative side. In “We all live in bubbles” we remember that our realities are limited and at the same time shared with the people around us. Finally in “Connect The Dots & Universe” we are reminded that each of us is a vital part of a connected universe.

Limitless and connected

Connectivism succeeds in analyzing how we are connected to each other. We may come from different countries, cultures and religions, but somehow we are still connected. We all have dreams, goals, desires and illusions of our own. But the reality is that no one can grow inside their own bubble. These works of art located in the Moco Museum motivate you to open yourself to new levels of creativity. They show you that we can connect with each other and become better and better people. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but together we complement each other. This is the connection that Connectivism seeks to convey. There are many ways in which we can connect, professionally, socially and culturally. And in this sense, we can improve as individuals and as a society.

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Come to the Moco Museum and get connected