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Visiting Toulon: Here’s A List Of Things You Can Do

Are you thinking of a holiday spot where you could let your hair down and relax while having as much fun as possible; you may want to visit Toulon. Toulon, although not a commercial centre nor regarded as tourists’favourite, is still every inch worth visiting. It is a lovely French town that is located in the South of France. One thing that strikes you as a visitor to Toulon is its beauty. Toulon stands out as one of France’s finest harbours.

For a city the size of Toulon, there are just a whole lot of activities going on and so many fun places and activities one could choose from. There is seldom a dull moment for the visitor in Toulon!

There are also a variety of sports to choose from, for Sports lovers.

Do you want to make your visit to Toulon fun-filled and worth every second of your while, here’s a list of things you can do:

  • A VISIT TO THE OPERA HOUSE: Opera de Toulon is based in Le Grande Theatre de Toulon and located in Boulevard de Strasbourg. It is a stately monument with Grey-pink columns. Although it has fewer seats compared to the Opera houses in Paris and other parts of France, its neo-classical style makes it stand out. All in all, it’sa fantasticplace to visit.
  • GO HIKING: this is another exciting outdoor activity that you can engage in. Simply take a cable car or a straight road to the summit of Mount Faron, and you will be awed at the beautifully unique view of the city that it offers. The slopes on the road make it a very thrilling experience for cyclists.

  • SWIM: This is another fun-filled adventure you could engage in while in Toulon; and not at any place but, at Le Mourillon! This is one of Toulon’s most attractive locations for visitors and tourists, and it is understandably so because most of Toulon’sfamous beaches are located in Le Mourillon. This is a good destination for both children and adults.
  • A VISIT TO THE MUSEE DE LA MARINE MUSEUM: This especially for lovers of art and culture. The Musee de la Marine has very brilliant pieces of art. The Museum holds quite a considerable part of the city’s history and stands out as the perfect place to learn about history and gain a whole lot of knowledge.
  • GO WATCH RUGBY: Toulon is well-known for their Rugby. For a while now, its Rugby team, RC Toulon has been the world’s leading team. Again, it prides itself on having in possession some of the best rugby players. Get a seat in either the North or South Stands, seat back, and enjoy the exciting experience!


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Visiting Toulon: Here’s A List Of Things You Can Do