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What You Need For Carp Fishing?

When it comes to freshwater fishing, carp fishing is one of the most popular activities preferred by fishermen in the UK. But before getting started, it is important that you pick the right components, line tackle box, reel, rods etc in order to have a great fishing experience.

Things that are in need

Rods: Fishing rods or more precisely carp rods are available in various sizes and it can be very difficult to choose from especially for beginners. For big fishes, you will require a strong rod with a test curve in the order of 2.5lb-3.5lb and a length of 12ft. Higher the value on the test curve, more is the rigidity of the rod which facilitates long range casting.

Reel: Carp reel is another essential component which is available in different sizes. The selection of carp reel generally depends on the size of the rod selected. There are mainly two types of reels, free spools and big pits. While free spools are mainly suited for beginners, big pits are quite large and equipped with front drag.

Hooks: Hook links that are widely recommended for carp fishing are mainly coated. These hooks are quite tough and safe to be used.

Tackle Boxes: The main purpose of a tackle box is to store anglers. There are different boxes to choose from but the box you select must be spacious and should have enough sections to hold your hooks and other tools. 

Bait: When it is a matter of baits, there are different options to choose from. But the ones that are widely preferred are boilies. You can do the job with shelf life boilies but it is also important to stick with a popular and reliable brand.

Bite Alarms: Bite alarms will alert you about a carp bite by producing sounds. As it is not possible to sit around the rod all the time, bite alarms will ensure that you never miss out on an opportunity to catch a carp.

Shelter: A shelter is definitely required if you are planning to stay overnight. Bivvy is the best solution for this as it keeps you warm during winter and also prevents the external elements from getting inside. 

To increase the chances of getting a bite, it is important that you know the best time when the carps are around. While in winter there is always a chance during the daytime, but in the hotter months, you can expect a bite mainly at night.

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What You Need For Carp Fishing?