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All the Best Events in Magaluf

Lots of people head over to Magaluf these days.  It is one of the biggest party destinations for all kinds of people including those going on their first ‘lads’ or ‘girls’ holidays together, couples after good nightlife, or older groups of mates maybe looking to relive their youths a little bit.

There are lots of things available to do when you are over there, so let’s take a look at some of the best events out there at the moment – one’s that we are sure you will want to check out.

There are a number of events in Magaluf that you can join in on, and below is a whistle-stop guide to them:

  • Sunset Booze Cruise – Exactly what it suggests. A 3 hour cruise around the Mediterranean whilst consuming booze to your heart’s content.
  • Full Moon Party – An event that takes place under the starts at a five-star beach club and comes packed with Fire Breathers, GoGo Dancers, Live Percussion, World Class DJ’s, Professional Body Painters, and of course, lots of booze.
  • The Magaluf White Party – Hardly needs an explanation. A massive party where the dress code can easily be worked out.  Party the night away in white!
  • Bar Blitz – If you are looking for a way to introduce you and your squad to Maga, then this is the one for you. You will be taken to the best bars in Magaluf where you can neck lots of free shots and other alcohol.  Best done on Day 1 or Day 2 of your trip.
  • Pirates Reloaded Show – An adult-themed show not for the faint hearted. Mind blowing acrobatics, catchy anthems and lots of audience participation is guaranteed here, in a 5,000 capacity theatre just minutes away from Magaluf Strip.  Partying like a pirate shouldn’t be a problem here as there will be a FREE inclusive bar for the duration of the event.  So fill your boots and party like the pirate you really are!  You might even get to part with the cast after the show!

Magaluf is full of things to do at all times of the day and night, so be rest assured that you’ll be kept as busy as you choose to want to be at all times.  Make sure you plan ahead to get the most out of your trip, and take in as much as your budget and your body can handle!

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All the Best Events in Magaluf