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Enjoying the delights of the City of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is an incredible city to visit, whether this is as a day trip on a longer stay in Scotland or a city break for a long weekend, there are some great places to visit both in terms of attractions to visit and places to eat. The restaurants range in price and also in the type of food that they serve but the one common theme across them all is that hard working chefs spend many an evening cooking over a Commercial Combi Oven like those you can find at After a long day of sightseeing you can’t beat a relaxing meal in a good restaurant and this city really does cater for all. If you are looking for some ideas of places to spend your sightseeing time here are a few for you.

Any visit to Edinburgh must include a wander around Edinburgh Castle. It is a castle and barracks created in around the 11th Century and is now home to the Crown Jewels and the War Museum of Scotland housed inside. It is situated in a prominent position overlooking the city and would have been a prime place to fortify the City from. The castle has played a role in many conflicts in the past such as the Jacobite rising in 1745 and the Wars of Scottish Independence amongst many others.

Palace of Holyroodhouse is the official Scottish home of Queen Elizabeth II. You can see numerous tapestries and pieces of artwork along with Mary Queen of Scots bedchamber. Stories say that her courtier Rizzio was attacked in this room by her husband who in a jealous rage stabbed Rizzio 56 times before throwing him down the stairs. Bonnie Prince Charlie also has links back to Holyroodhouse. The Palace is situated at the end of the Royal Mile with the Holyrood Abbey located just next to the Palace. It was once amongst the grandest abbeys in the whole of Scotland.

When enjoying the delights of Scotland whether this is Edinburgh or any other parts of the country, one activity that you really should think about taking a part in is a Whiskey Tour. These tours can either take part in one of the many distilleries around or perhaps a tasting tour of a particular region.

There are many other activities that you can take part in including golf, museum trips and sampling the delights of shopping.

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Enjoying the delights of the City of Edinburgh