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Travel Guide: What to Pack in a Romantic Vacation

For whatever reason, you have in taking your first overnight romantic trip, whether a celebration of your 50 years of marriage, a honeymoon, or a simple romantic getaway, checking in a romantic hotel room with your loved ones instantly brings new energy to your relationship. So it is important that you prepare the things you need for the trip. Your suitcase should be filled with some extras that set your romantic spark, it might be best to do away with the usual toothpaste and phone charger you always pack for overnight stay.

Here are the important things to pack in a romantic getaway.

Food and Drink

It pays to pack picnic food that you can enjoy in private. It is already enough that you spend a lot of money on a romantic room, there is no need to waste time and money heading out in a restaurant (unless you plan on having a romantic dinner). Bear in mind that some hotels do not have access to an oven or even a microwave, so keep things simple by packing food that you can graze and feed on each other like slices of bread, chunks of cheese and grapes.

Toiletries and Clothing

Toiletries and clothing are a must on every trip, this can make you fresh the whole vacation especially if you’ve had a long trip. Pack some scented soap and moisturizer for either a full shower or a quick wash, you can also include some perfume or cologne for fragrance. It is also important to stay well groomed over the whole trip so make sure to pack a razor and some shaving cream to have perfectly smooth skin. If you are staying for a couple of nights, you need clothes to wear the next day so pack some new lingerie for women and some clean underwear for the men.

For Romance

If you have a room that comes with a bathtub like in Sunway Resort and Spa, you can choose to bring a bottle of bubble bath so you can enjoy a soak together. You can also light up the ambiance of the room with an intimate touch by bringing some scented candles and matches around the tub. Take turns in giving each other massage, so it helps if you bring some oil massage and rub each other’s back. Finally, set the mood by bringing a portable speaker and spin in your favorite song as a couple.

There are tons of things that you can take with you in your romantic getaway, make sure that you do not limit yourself to the list presented by this article above. Always remember that in every planning and activities you have, it always works if you do it with your partner.

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Travel Guide: What to Pack in a Romantic Vacation