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Cost Effective Transport Solutions for the City Dweller

If you are one of those people who lives in the city and has made the smart decision to sell the car and simply rent on the odd occasion you need wheels, you need a reliable and affordable local car hire company. Many Londoners have already said goodbye to the endless fuel costs and the horrendous servicing bills by selling their car, and with a comprehensive public transport system and the odd taxi, you can easily navigate the city, and without the huge expense of owning a car, you will notice a sharp rise in the money you have left over at the end of the month. There will, or course, be times when you want the luxury and convenience of having a car at your disposal, and this is not an issue if you find the right car hire company.

Those Special Occasions

It might be a visit to the parent’s home in the country, or a very special job interview in the Midlands, and there are times when driving is the only practical option, and these are the times when your thoughts should turn to car hire, and with the right company, you will soon have a suitable vehicle booked. The great thing about renting is you can select the ideal car, and while a small hatchback might be perfect for that weekend away, that client meeting definitely demands Mercedes V Class rental in London, and with an online search, you will easily locate someone local that has an extensive range of quality vehicles.

Annual Holidays

With all the extra money you are saving on a monthly basis, when it comes round to the annual holiday, you can really splash out. You could, for example, hire a motorhome and tour Europe, or perhaps explore some of the beautiful parts of the UK that you have yet to visit, and if sleeping in the vehicle isn’t your idea of fun, you can simply hire a car and book your overnight accommodation online. This type of holiday gives you complete control, as you are not tied to a tour company’s schedule, and can decide when and where you go, and how long you stay.

Take Up Cycling

Although it is easy to get around by tube and bus in London, if you are into cycling and like a bit of adventure, commuting on two wheels is a great idea, and as long as the distance isn’t overwhelming, there isn’t a quicker way to get to work. The other great advantage is the exercise, and after a few months, you can expect to see a new level of fitness, plus a general improvement in physical health.

While it is nice to have your own car sitting on the driveway, ready at any time, you are certainly paying a lot for the privilege. The running costs are considerable, not to mention the initial investment, and with tax, insurance and parking fees, selling the car is a very attractive proposition, and to be honest, you really wouldn’t be inconvenienced at all, as the times you do need a vehicle, you simply call the car hire company.


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Cost Effective Transport Solutions for the City Dweller