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Stay Options for a Student Traveller

When you are a student and are travelling to a new city for taking admission in a college or university, the course fees are just one of your worries. You also need to worry about the recurring expenses you will incur during the course of your study. Unless you choose an economical place to stay, you won’t be able to keep to your budget. But if you focus only on the cost, then it is also possible that you end up paying a lesser amount but having to stay in a place where you do not get the comfort and rest that allows you to focus on your studies. Here are some options for stay you can explore, which can help you strike a balance between cost and comfort:

Let’s Make It Official: The first and obvious place for you to look for is the official in-campus accommodation facility available at the institute you are about to join. The issue with such accommodation is that they are limited, and the institute usually gives first priority who are coming from a different part of the country or from a different country. So if you are a resident of Brisbane and are looking for the best ACU student accommodation in Brisbane, then you might not find it easy to get accommodation.

Homestay: This is a common facility especially available in cities which have good Universities. Local families keep one or two rooms of their houses vacant, and invite students to stay with them and share their food, all for an inclusive rent. The best advantage of this, especially if you are a foreign student, is that it gives you an opportunity to get a taste of local culture, cuisine and customs.

Off Campus: If you are willing to stay outside the campus, then you have the option of taking a small flat on rent, but that could be quite costly. A much better option is to look for shared student accommodation. One great example is Student One which provides a high quality of living at very reasonable costs. At Student One, you would get the advantage of staying in a very conveniently located place, and would get all amenities that you might need for study and leisure.

Short Stay: If you are travelling for a vacation, or have come to a city only to check out a particular university or to appear for an examination, then you could opt for short-stay dormitory style accommodation. These units offered shared cooking facilities, while the sleeping area and bathroom is separate. If you are seeking more private accommodation, you can opt for a private flat with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms which can be taken by different students.

The best thing about the four options listed above is that they all fall in different price slabs, so depending on your budget you could select the one that fits you best. If you do some research, you will easily be able to understand the value proposition for each option.

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Stay Options for a Student Traveller