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Where to Find Cape Cod Mementoes to Take Back Home?

For shopping, you can visit the iconic Main Streets that have gift shops and boutiques lined up each one carries distinctive and locally made items. These can be a great gift or a memorable souvenir for friends or family or someone close back home. You will find ideal mementos in the following places.

Good travel has always been a result of good planning – consider this as a mantra to make the international trip successful and memorable one. Most of the people find it tempting after they book their tickets and start fantasizing about the gateway, but remember there’s work to do.

Going for international tour need lodging, restaurants, activities and so on – travelling to abroad locations need additional steps as well as research to make sure a stress-free experience. Below in the post, the readers will have a breakup of the all the requisites they need to follow for their cross-border tour.

For handcrafted jewelry and gifts

  • In Hyannis, Red Fish Blue Fish has a collection of eco-friendly bags, sea glass jewelry, and local artwork.
  • In Marston Mills, PlumPorch displays everything ranging from handmade jewelry and dishes to nautical décor.
  • In Woods Hole, Flying Pig Pottery sells pottery with seaside and Cape Cod images.
  • In Sagamore, Pairpoint Glass features hand-blown glass accessories in rainbow colors.

Cape Cod clothing

You can find comfortable apparel for men and women at Chatham Clothing Bar. You can even buy a Cape Cod sweatshirt or tees in a nautical theme. A fashion that suits the New England life including leather coats, hats, jeans, and sweatshirts can be got at Puritane Cape Cod. In Hyannis, Cellar Leather is a shop where you can look at a collection of locally crafted leather buckles, bags, handbags, etc.

Seaside Galleries

  • The Little Beach Gallery exhibits stylish pottery, housewares, and accessories designed by the local artisans.
  • Bobby Baker Gallery displays the impressive photography portfolio of Baker’s along with local artist’s masterpieces.
  • Local Color Art Gallery allows local artists to show their assorted creation.

Sweet treats

  • From the Chatham Candy Manor buy Cape Cod chocolate to take home. Since 1955, the shop has been offering fudge, taffy, dipped chocolates, bagged candies, etc. You can buy more!
  • Kandy Corner has been producing their signature chocolate, ice cream, taffy, and fudge for more than four decades. You will find candy sold in bulks. It is also a shop with hundreds of souvenirs to choose from including T-shirts, locally crafted soaps, candles, postcards, etc. Happy souvenir shopping!

Going for an international tour always seem fascinating to many. But one needs to follow a series of measures to make sure that the trip gets successful and memorable one. Go through the post to learn some useful facts about the requisites to follow to make the tour full of excitements.

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Where to Find Cape Cod Mementoes to Take Back Home?