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5 Best Drinks to Try When Visiting Goa

Situated along the Arabian coastline, Goa is a popular holiday destination among domestic and international travelers alike. What’s special about Goa is that it offers a variety of options for both budget-friendly and ultra-luxurious holidays. So, you can consider flights between Mumbai and Goa for some great pampering or an adventurous, pocket-friendly getaway with friends.

Goa offers delectable seafood, lively nightlife, spectacular beaches and quaint flea markets. If you love to savor a drink with your meal or plan to spend the evening drinking with friends, Goa is the ideal destination. It has over 7,000 bars licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.

In fact, this tiny emerald land is the most loved party hotspotfor Mumbaikars. If you have also booked your Mumbai to Goa flight, here are some drinks you must try.

1.     Feni

The Portuguese introduced Feni in the 16th century. It is a spirit made of fermented coconut palm sap and cashew nuts. It could have alcohol content as high as 43-45% and received the Geographical Indication Certification in 2000. The best part is thatyou’re unlikely to experience a hangover the next morning. In fact, Feni is had by the locals for curing certain conditions like cold and flu. For a refreshing taste, mix it with a juice and top it with ice and lime.

2.     Kings Beer

With alcohol content as low as 4.85%, Kings Beer is exclusive to Goa and is sold in 330ml squat bottles only. A stronger version is now available with 8% alcohol. The flavor is crisp and light and is popular for its refreshing smoky malt fragrance. Like Feni, Kings Beer is also unlikely to give you a hangover, so you can enjoy a couple of pints without worrying about how you will enjoy the next morning. For the best taste, have it chilled and with spicy seafood.

3.     Sol Kadi

This is a typical Goan appetizer made from Amasol and coconut milk. Popular for its digestive properties, this is a perfect beverage after a spicy meal. Mostly available at the beaches during summer, it helps to cool down the body and can keep acidity at bay. The locals often relish this with a rice meal. Don’t forget to try this salty and sour, pink colored sherbet if you’ve taken a flight between Mumbai to Goa to try out various alcoholic beverages.

4.      Urrak

One of the traditional drinks of Goa, this is made by the locals and has 30% alcohol content. Produced from the first distillation of cashews, it has a sweet and fruity flavor. This seasonal drink has been popular since the 1700s and does not have any artificial colors or preservatives. Pair it with loads of ice, lime and soda for the best taste.

5.     Goan Port Wine

Vinho Do Porto or Port Wine made its way to Goa through the Portuguese in the 16th century. Although a little expensive, it has a mouth-watering sweet taste with blackberry and raspberry flavors. This rich red wine is a perfect after-dinner drink and was the first of its kind to be produced in India. Take a bottle along on your flight from Goa to Mumbai to enjoy at home.

Due to low taxes, you can get the best of brands at highly reasonable prices even if you drink at a restaurant. Drink responsibly!

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5 Best Drinks to Try When Visiting Goa