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5 Reasons You Should Go On a Family Vacation with a Travel Nurse

Family vacations are meant for siblings, kids and parents to bond. Whether you’re traveling to a foreign region or somewhere you have been to before, it’s also important to ensure that everyone is safe and sound. But there are situations when you might have a family member with a terminal illness, or one who doesn’t adapt easily to new environments – what would you do?

You wouldn’t want to cancel an entire trip because of one person, or risk visiting the health care facilities in an unfamiliar location. Your best option is to take a travel nurse along with the family.

A travel nurse is licensed medical professional who travels to provide health care services to specific individuals or group of people who do not want or cannot visit a medical facility. To make your trip smoother, here are 5 reasons you should go on a family vacation with a gifted healthcare travel nurse.

1. She does all your health related research

When going on a trip with your family, you need a well conducted research about the safety of your destination. There’s a likelihood that an epidemic might have broken out in the past (or just before your trip). If the repercussions are not favourable to the health of any member of your family, you would love to know. With the help of a travel nurse, you will gain the needed knowledge about the environment and plan on how to handle such situations.

2. The nurse tells you what your body can and cannot handle

When you embark on a trip, there’s a possibility you could eat food that your body may not react well to. Inasmuch as you are having fun and relaxing with the family, you wouldn’t want to gain unnecessary weight or end up in the hospital at the end of a vacation. When you take a nurse along with you, they will ensure you all eat the right foods in the appropriate quantity.

For example, most restaurants and hotels in big cities offer meals with lots of calories and saturated fat. Eating these foods can have a negative effect on you and members of your family after the vacation. But nurses generally have good knowledge of nutrition. Therefore, going on the trip with a travel nurse means any excessive eating habits you have will be pruned down. Most kids have “sweet tooth” too. The nurse can also help you curtail that as well.

3. To help hand pick your daily activities

There are family members who enjoy heart-pounding and adrenaline-rushing adventures. Others engage in outdoor sports that are either risky or expose their health to toxic substances. When you travel with a nurse, they can help you handpick activities you can engage in that will not endanger your mental or physical well-being.

This does not mean you cannot participate in the activities you planned for your family vacation. The nurse simply helps you in making the right decision so that no one falls ill during the course of the trip.

When you’re taking a trip to China, African countries or regions that still believe in traditional medicine, you may want to visit some of these centers. In as much as their methods may seem alright on TV and the internet, they might not be right for your health. Tagging a health care expert along guarantees you do not go for a therapy that will cause you and your family members more harm than good.

4. To help when there is an emergency

Nobody plans on falling sick while on a vacation. But after long hours of travel, trying out new meals and change of weather, your body system is likely to force itself to adapt. Those with a stronger immune system will settle in properly while others (kids especially) might not. But with a travel nurse in your midst, you are rest assured that your health and that of your family is taken care of – no matter the emergency situation.

There are times when someone will come down with a cold or other illness on the way to your destination. Administering the right treatment during such emergencies is not as easy as just fastening a seat belt. A travel nurse will know what first aid to give, how to carry out a CPR, and even what drugs you should travel with in case a health situation arises.

It’s somewhat risky walking into just any health care facility on your route to look for adequate medical services. While some might deliver, others could be below par. So, if the emergency is one that cannot be handled within a few minutes, a travel nurse will be sure of what equipment and treatment options the sick family member needs.

5. For travel insurance

You may be wondering why you need a nurse for travel insurance. There are so many ways they can be of help. When you are looking for a policy plan that will cover your family in case there’s an emergency during the trip, a nurse will assist you in analyzing and making a decision. In a situation where you fall ill, and your travel insurance provider doesn’t quickly get someone to look after your kids or take them back home, a travel nurse handles all of that.

Finally, the benefits of traveling with a health care provider cannot be over emphasized. Whether you are going on a long or short distance journey, a trip to a new region or somewhere you are familiar with, they assist in making sure that the mental and physical well-being of everyone in your family is taken care of.

Instead of worrying about the cost of hiring the services of a travel nurse, think about the cost of treatment due to negligence. Besides, you wouldn’t want to come back over-weight and lose that perfect shape you worked hard on getting before the family vacation. Include the services of a travel nurse in your holiday budget today, and in the end you’ll be happy you did.

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5 Reasons You Should Go On a Family Vacation with a Travel Nurse