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A Perfect Choice for Your New Year’s Eve Present

Modern suitcase with high durability

In the next period of New Year’s Eve, people tend to prepare the best present for their lovely person. One of the excellent choices is a suitcase; it brings a happiness to have the new one while preparing your vacation. Suitcase options can be varied, from small to large size, colorful with blue,red, or black and with different options of materials. Among all those options, the most fantastic aerolite suitcase for present is Aero MAX ABS Hard-shell 22x14x9”.

This luggage is the best one since it has all the benefits that you will have from a premium luggage with more expensive cost. First, it’s made with a hard shell cover in a grey stripe style. The hard shell protects everything you carry inside this suitcase. This shell made froma strong composite of ABS material in a lightweight design. Empty weight is only taking about 6.17 pounds make it very light to accompany your long journey.

The next benefit is the four rotating wheels with maximum 360-degree maneuver for the flexibility to move in every direction. Therefore, this could become a fantastic aerolite suitcase  for present, especially for someone love to walk. You are able to track with almost all types of road, from an airport sidewalk up to beach coast shopping store road.

fantastic aerolite suitcase  for present

Another feature you will get from this suitcase is the option to expand the handle. You can adjust it to your height level, and grab it in more comfortable step along the way. This handle made of a high-quality material for a strong carry load, which can be adjusted in two levels of height, which makes it also very easy for children to use it.

The other cool feature is the padlock set that secure your things inside, so you don’t have to worry if you left your suitcase in the concierge area. Your own secret combination of padlock enables you to make a private key for your suitcase. The zipper itself made from the best quality line, thus making a very good combination with the padlock.

The last thing is about the 5 years warranty given from the manufacturer. This warranty will cover the damage occurs during shipment such as the reparation of a component damage caused by shipment activity. Then whenever you received this suitcase in damage condition for zipper, padlock, handle, and wheels, you could claim for a replacement to the manufacturer.

If you plan to give this aerolite suitcase as a present for someone who would like to have an international traveling destination, then you have to consider this Aero Max suitcase become an option. This suitcase is good for carrying on option in International flight such as American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and JetBlue Airlines.

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A Perfect Choice for Your New Year’s Eve Present