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Assessing the Curiously Deceitful Hotel Review Matrix: How to Circumvent the Lies and Nonsense

When planning vacations, most people instinctively conduct Google searches for accommodation review websites and pick the most notable or renowned platform. Although this might seem to be a sure-fire way to begin planning your next getaway, it’s in your best interests to take a long, hard look at the facts:

  • The top five most visited hotel aggregators have all been accused of obscuring unfavourable reviews for a myriad of accommodations, which is the truest indication of a “pay for play” scheme.
  • Even the most distinguished review platforms don’t require the commentators to provide any proof or evidence of their purported stays.
  • Only one in every 10 hotels around the globe is considered to be luxury-level but more than 50% of today’s reviews allege the presence of opulence, lavishness, and other over-the-top verbiage.
  • Freelance writers can carve out lucrative careers as hotel reviewers, oftentimes garnering upwards of €8 per review.
  • These paid reviewers have been known to submit up to 50 distinct reviews every 48 hours.
  • Over-edited images and overstated room descriptions have reached a critical mass in the hotel review industry, as evidenced by the fact that many public relations departments set aside large amounts of money each year to embellish and aggrandise their online presence.

Thus, if you’re attempting to ascertain the best luxury cruise options, high-end hotels, or first-class airlines, it’s worth your while to avoid these seemingly reputable hotel aggregators, especially if you’ve been bamboozled in the past.

The best way to cut through the fat and obtain the truth without any of the hype is to join a trustworthy luxury review platform, such as an organisation that specialises in worldly travels and crafting impartial reviews.

This remainder of this brief article will show you how to do just that.

Step One: Find a Platform that Features a Prominent “Reviewforce”

Instead of reading through fake reviews crafted by novice freelancers, you’ll want to seek out a platform that can tout a robust team of in-house travel experts and professional aficionados that have truly been there and done that. In this regard, it’s important to note that the most reliable luxury review platforms can tout the following internal experts:

  • Retired hospitality consultants
  • Aviation counsellors
  • Former hotel executives
  • Hospitality sector advisors
  • Professional cruise and tour assessors
  • Former tavern, inn, and resort managers

Step Two: Try the Free Membership

Next, you’ll want to sample the platform’s fee-free membership as it will allow you to start sifting through a bevy of impartial, objective reviews in countless popular destinations. From Caribbean hotspots such as the Bahamas, Barbados, and Bermuda all the way to prominent European holiday sites such as Greece, France, Germany, and Italy, you’ll be able to dig into a vast array of highly detailed, meticulous testimonials:

  • Luxury resort reviews
  • Cruise assessments
  • Regional tour breakdowns
  • Area-specific restaurant critiques
  • Airline evaluations
  • …and a wide range of alternative expositions

Step Three: Begin Planning Your Next Holiday Directly on the Platform

Once you’re comfortable with the setup and content of the website, you’ll be able to facilitate the entire planning process through a single portal:

  • Browse through the most desirable destinations to avail yourself of scrupulous analyses and first-hand accounts
  • Open a real-time dialogue with an expert travel assessor to help identify the boundaries of your next getaway
  • Take advantage of members-only add-ons such as free room upgrades, complimentary meals, high-speed Wi-Fi provisions, spa credits, and other exclusive bonuses
  • Reserve your travel solution, accommodation, and attraction tickets directly through the inclusive booking portal


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Assessing the Curiously Deceitful Hotel Review Matrix: How to Circumvent the Lies and Nonsense