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Best cheap Flight Search Services

Google-ITA Flight Matrix is a very cool tool for using and finding the cheap flights. It is the most efficient flight finding web application present on the internet. It was developed by the nerds of MIT and they love tinkering with the stuff until it will become more efficient than the quantum computers for crunching the numbers. They have come up with the most power flight search tool in the known universe.

It is very powerful than other flight search services like Orbitz and Google Flights who are using the ITA Software Matrix engine. It is the most efficient way of finding the cheapest flight at any combination possible out there. You have to trust on this, as with the red pill the users are logging more hours on the ITA Flight Matrix.

The ITA Flight Matrix will allow you to find the fares for the exact dates which are displayed on the calendar for prices, change the sales cities and whatever is the special needs for the flight. With all this unlimited power you have to think for everyone who is using this instead of other flight search engines which are present out there. It is having the one flaw that the collective brains over MIT have not to figure out yet.

Flights can’t be book directly on Matrix Airfare Search

Yes, there is no option for buying the tickets on ITS Matrix search tool. You need to use different service like Skyscanner or Kayak for purchasing and booking the flights. Google-ITA Flight Matrix is just a search tool for finding the best routes and prices. Other flight search engines are already offering the same features so one cannot argue the usefulness and utility of the ITA software by Google.

Best cheap Flight Search Services

Pros and Cons

Below is the argument for using the Matrix Airfare Search

  • Professional travel agents are using it.
  • Major airline agencies are using this fight search engine
  • Multi-city flight options are available. ITA Matrix will allow you to pick six flights at a time.
  • There is the presence of Interactive Low Fare Calendar. It is really great for finding the cheap fares if you are flexible.
  • It has the capability of routing the codes. This is the only flight search tool which is for entering the routing codes.

Below you will find the argument which is against the using of Matrix Airfare Search

  • It is not possible to book the flights and purchase the airline tickets directly on ITA Matrix. For this, there is the need of using third-party service.
  • ITA Matrix software search result pages are not showing always the same airline prices directly like Southwest Airlines.
  • Due to the lack of future development, google ITA matrix is the legacy product.
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Best cheap Flight Search Services