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Five Things to Avoid in Barcelona to Save Money

In 2018, we booked a tour to Barcelona in last minutes. I did it with my wife only two days before arriving in this majestic city. We had next to no time to discover basic facts and services what we expected to do. At the end, we experienced some things that we would never be doing again. First of all, we made a terrible mistake by ignoring Etihad promo code at the We knew that this is a reliable site delivering valid promotions on flights, tours, meals and hotels. Today, we recommend everyone to see team before booking a trip to Barcelona.

Port Cable Car:

Travel advisories and hubs recommend Port Cable Car to everyone visiting Barcelona. However, our experience was not as good as we imagined. We herded inside a small box with at least 10 more people. This was just like cattle herding. We have no chance to see over the marina. However, we experienced how to look above the heads of people sticking to the cabin. This bas bad and we would recommend booking a full cabin with some last minutes deals rather than trying what we did.

Montjuic Castle:

After having the terrible experience with cable car, there was another cable car to reach Montjuic Castle. We decided to walk up rather than wasting money in the cable car. The castle is beautiful and it presents a majestic view of the city. However, there is nothing more inside the castle except a few cannons. Many people went inside the castle or to the other sides to have a better view of port and city.  They returned with nothing except the same experience.

Sagrada Familia Facades:

Think about Barcelona and Sagrada Familia comes to mind. It would be better to book a visit to this huge castle while you book tickets to Barcelona, Spain with Etihad promo code. The entry ticket to this façade was around 29 EUR in 2018. There are different types of passes and entry tickets. We would suggest buying standard tickets for 15 EUR rather than paying higher. Don’t get the audio guide which costs around 22 EUR. Instead, search about the façade online on Google and you will get so many videos free of cost.

Barcelona Beaches:

The beaches are wonderful and majestic but these are always crowded. Surprisingly, there are too many hawkers wandering around. It would be hard for you to have a word of love and romance with your spouse in this situation. Tourists who prefer privacy and comfort should find a place far from the crowd.

La Rambla:

This is among busiest streets in this city. It is a food street with lots of options for tourists. You must try delicious foods but don’t buy for flights. Travelers who book buy tickets of economy or business class with Etihad promo code get additional meals including lunch, drinks and more. Foods and drinks in this street are expensive. We would suggest visiting El Born where you can find delicious but affordable meals.

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Five Things to Avoid in Barcelona to Save Money