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Go on an Odyssey with the Best Greek Walking Tours

One of the absolutely great things about vacations is that they enable us to experience new cultures. After all, it takes all kinds to make a world, and few did more to help make the Western World in its infancy than Ancient Greece.

Ah, Greece! The Parthenon, the Aegean seaside beaches, the poetry of Homer and theatre of Sophocles, the world-class culinary achievements of modern Greece, and so much more are responsible for having made Greek vacations so popular.

If you are indeed looking to visit Greece, a walking tour might be the best way to experience one of the most magnificent natural and cultural wonders in the West.

Here, then, is what you can expect from the best Greece walking tours available.

Up Close and Personal

You’ve come all this way to see the wonders of Ancient and Modern Greece. Surely you don’t want to spend the majority of the time cooped up in some old, fuming bus? The fact of the matter is that tour busses, while they have their place, aren’t the best way to truly get up close and personal with the history and culture you’re trying to experience.

Walking tours, by contrast, are far more experiential in that regard. No steel frame or glass separating you from the sights—nothing separating you from the theatres and fauna and wonders of Greece!

A Philosophy of Fitness

What’s more, one of the great understated things about walking tours in any country is the fact that they’re absolutely terrific from a fitness standpoint. After all, it isn’t as if you’re burning a load of calories simply sitting on a tour bus for hours on end. By contrast, not only do walking tours allow you to have a more intimate experience with the surrounding Grecian countryside and buildings, but they allow you to do so while sticking to your daily fitness routine, and then some!

See the Sights

Then there are, of course, the sights themselves. To list all the many natural and cultural sites that dot the Grecian landscape could fill several volumes. Suffice it to say that the best walking tours of Greece take you right past all the best parts of Grecian culture, allowing you to experience them with guides who know and love the culture as much as anyone.

From the Parthenon and ancient forums and theatres to the modern-day cultural centres of Greece, you’ll be able to see all the best parts of Greek life and culture.

Food for Thought

What’s more, you’ll be able to do all that while walking to some of the best restaurants in the area! Greek cuisine is beloved the world over, and whatever dish or bottle of wine suits your fancy, you’re sure to come across it on a walking tour of the Greek islands.

Go on your own personal odyssey with a great walking tour of Greece today!

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Go on an Odyssey with the Best Greek Walking Tours