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How to choose the best Canada immigration consultancy in Delhi?

Why should you choose an immigration consultant for Canada?

If you are willing to migrate to Canada, there are host of reasons as per which you should be looking for one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada. The procedure for Canada immigration can be completed all by yourself but still, you should look for an immigration agent.

The agents will help you in guiding throughout the process so that lesser chances of rejections are there. Look forward for the reasons for picking up a right immigration consultant:

  • Your time will be saved to a great extent as the immigration consultant will guide you through
  • Your file for application has also to be presented in an organised manner as there are rejection chances. Information provided in the application has to be complete and organised.
  • They will help you pick the right immigration programs which are around 60. You will have to pick the immigration program depending upon your situatio. An experienced immigration agent will help you do that.
  • Legal system of Canada migration is complex and knowledge of local laws is a must. An immigration consultant will help you in simplifying the procedure for immigration.

But understand how you can pick the right immigration firm by looking at the section below.

How to choose the best Canada immigration consultancy in Delhi

Qualities of a good Canada immigration consultancy firm

Picking a right firm which can simplify the process of applying for Canada immigration should be looked into here. Have a look on the following criteria to choose one of the immigration companies in Delhi. The criteria are as follows:

  • A written contract is preferable
  • All the services need to be available at a single place so that you don’t have to run from pillar to post
  • Also arranges for the jobs in foreign land
  • Being a brand helps
  • Look at the past record of the firms that how successfully they have handled the cases when complications arise
  • Many firms don’t actually require any sign up process still their success ratio is quite high
  • May or may not charge success fee
  • Must be accredited firm that takes the help of registered clients
  • Must be highly experienced, may firms in Delhi have as much as 18 years of experience
  • Must employ high-end technologies such as CRM to ensure superior customer services
  • Must make you sign a clear agreement to avoid confusions later on
  • Must provide free counselling services
  • Must providethe service of getting a visa to arranging your travel
  • The firm has to be the trusted and reliable one
  • The recruitment process also should be licensed
  • The services also need to be affordable

All the above information substantiates why you should be hiring an immigration consultant. You need to cut on the time you spend on filling up the application form so that you can focus upon other aspects as well. While applying for Canada PR, hiring an experienced consultant is a must.


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How to choose the best Canada immigration consultancy in Delhi?