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How To Make Hassle-Free Travel Plans To The US With ESTA?

Did you ever imagine flying yourself to the U.S. without a visa? Stunned? Yes, it could really happen to you when you take a step forward to apply for your ESTA visa under the VWP or Visa Waiver Program, a smart initiative by the U.S. Government for your smooth takes off for your dreamland. Why even crowding yourself in a shoulder rubbing queue of the sweaty visa applicants when everything can happen in just a matter of a few minutes with a few clicks only?

Get ready to deck up your plans for a U.S. visit uninterrupted, with your ESTA that you could even apply sitting right from your living space. But you should know when to apply for ESTA  to avoid any unexpected procrastination over your U.S. itineraries. Read more of this article for some tips to cut out the wide swath of hassle and catch your U.S. flight as soon as possible.

What is ESTA

Planning for a flight to the U.S. in a jiffy? Nothing could sort it any better or sooner other than the ESTA permit that you could grab in minutes. ESTA is your one-stop online authorisation to fly to the U.S. for the next 2 years without a speed knock if you belong to a country that falls under the VWP. With ESTA, you can always plan for a hassle free approval for your U.S. flights over a very short notice.

What next

Are you ready? Just get off the couch and get into the game with your system online. The steps are quite simple and end-user friendly. Just go to the original ESTA website, fill up the form and your ESTA visa will be just a few clicks away. Make sure you put all the correct information as this web-centric interface takes a screening of your biographic information to verify and cross-verify your readiness to board a flight to the United States. Having said that, the final decision for your U.S. landing rests with the U.S. government only. If you don’t know already when to apply for ESTA, let me tell you the best time to apply for it is just before boarding your flights. The best time is at least 72 hrs before your flight takes off.

 The final bell

So, you have done a real good job! Sit, relax and expect the approval to arrive your way in less than 30 minutes, unless an exception occurs. Remember, this authorisation holds some restrictions as well. For example, you can’t make any of your U.S. stays more than 90 days at a stretch.

In a nutshell, ESTA is the easiest way to make sure that your U.S. travel plans work with zero hassle. There is no paperwork, no lines, no waiting and no extra payments. Only make sure that you retrieve your application number from the website post your application and check the status or review your ESTA application online to make the process more flawless and faster.

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How To Make Hassle-Free Travel Plans To The US With ESTA?