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Preparing A Budget For A Trip To Russia To Watch The World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is undoubtedly one of the most exciting worldwide sports events. While getting to watch World Cup online with VPN is thrilling, getting to watch the matches in person provides an even more significant thrill. However, the total costs of travel, stay, and game tickets will cost you a pretty penny. Planning a trip to watch the world cup in Russia requires adequate planning and accurate budgeting.

Flight tickets

Before buying the round-trip flight to Russia and back home, you have to estimate the number of days you will be there. The farther you are from Russia, the more likely you are going to spend more on flight tickets. Flights from Europe are relatively cheaper than America with Australia being the more expensive. As an alternative, you should check whether connecting flights is less expensive than a one-way ticket or find ways of reducing the cost of long-haul flights such as using frequent flier miles.


Accommodation costs for your stay in Russia largely depend on what forms of accommodation you want. You will find countless hotels, hostels, and Airbnb to choose from. It is advisable to work with your cumulative budget and select the best option without having to strain your budget or the quality of your accommodation. You should aim to choose a city with the best accommodation price option since different cities host the matches. Ideally, book your accommodation before the games begin since prices increase tremendously as the premiere draws closer.

Travel in between the cities

You ought to find out the best modes of ground transportation for when you get to Russia in order to avoid being ripped off or overspending. You will be happy to note that Russia will offer free bus and train transportation between host cities for the world cup ticket holders. Check whether Uber rides are more efficient than taxi rides as chances are you will need them for moving around. Another cost-effective option might be to use car rentals. Get yourself a FIFA Fan-ID that allows you a visa-free entry into Russia during the time of the world cup and guarantees you free transportation by bus or train between host cities on match days.

Match tickets

The FIFA random selection draw will get only a selected number of people game tickets. Nevertheless, if you aren’t lucky enough to get chosen in the first lot, you can always wait for the second and third phases of ticket sales. Keep in mind that all tickets are provided fairly on a first-come-first-serve basis. The match tickets are priced depending on the game levels with the finals costing the most. Since the tickets are sold cheaper to Russian residents as opposed to non-residents, you should also consider looking for direct ticket sales people or through Russian online forms.

The Bottomline

While traveling to Russia for the 2018 World Cup might be an expensive and extravagant venture, you can adequately manage your expenditure by planning out your budget in advance. Extensive research on the factors listed in this article should help develop an accurate budget for the trip to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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Preparing A Budget For A Trip To Russia To Watch The World Cup