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The Benefits of Staying in Hostels Rather Than Hotels

If you wish to go travelling as a backpacker, you may have considered using hostels rather than hotels. There are many benefits of staying in a hostel if you think you can share a room with other people you may not know. If you are travelling with someone else, staying in a hostel may be an even easier choice as you will not be alone. Here are just a few benefits of staying in a hostel rather than hotels whilst travelling.


The main benefit and the most obvious is that hostels can work out a lot cheaper than hotels even when booking well in advance. When travelling, this isn’t always an option and most of the time you can pay for a hotel room to only be in it to sleep. If you are going to be travelling to a few places, save as much money as you can for experiences rather than where you rest your head at night. You will remember memories, not where you slept.

Meeting Others

Hostels are a great way to meet like-minded travellers and you may make a few friends who can show you the best spots or who are visiting the same places you are. It is always great to make friends whilst travelling, as it can save you from being alone and you may make a friend for life! Exploring a new city with a new person can bring you close very quickly and you may find you have more fun. This can increase your confidence and open you up to new experiences; perhaps you wanted to try something, but you just needed a push from your new friends to go and do it. Many hostels are close to bars or have game rooms to meet others and have a chat.

Central Locations

If you want to be in the heart of the action, many hostels are right in the centre or very close, for a fraction of the price. Not only does this save on hotels, but also transport after a night out or if you don’t want to walk home alone in a new city. Many hostels are a lot nicer than you may think and there are many updated hostels that are just as nice as any hotel, such as the luxury hostel Bangkok. With hostels becoming more and more popular in backpacking destinations, there are many new hostels being opened constantly, therefore there has never been a better choice of central location hostels.

When staying in a hostel in any country, it is best to check online first for reviews and ensure you do not leave any valuables in the room. Although staying in a room with people you do not know is a new experience, you may find it beneficial in boosting your confidence and you may feel safer than sleeping in a hotel room alone. There are many backpackers who are experiencing the same emotions as you, so talk to others and you will soon learn to love the hostel experience.

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The Benefits of Staying in Hostels Rather Than Hotels