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The Things to do in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

The moment you step foot in Causeway Bay, get ready to explore the whole world in a single city. Everyone knows that this is the home to numerous shopping but that is just not all about Causeway Bay and there is a need to learn more. The shopping malls like Sogo and others are just not enough to blow your mind. The crowds may scare you off but that is the interesting part about it. With plenty of places that to eat and rest, the city can never get boring. So if you don’t have days to spare, you may do the following things to do in Causeway Bay.VisitTimes Square especially at night. It may not be the biggest or the most famous Times Square, but it’s a sight that will catch your eye and not regret it. At night, the glass-walled malls and the high rises are lit up and they are such a pretty sight and you can still do your shopping way after midnight.

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

You also have to go shopping in Sogo

It is more likely that people visit Causeway Bay mostly to shopping because it has it all. Sogo has Hong Kong’s largest departmental stores stocked with almost everything you might need. This place is a real deal of promise to fix all your shopping problems. Visiting Causeway Bay will give you the opportunity to see the Noonday Gun which is quite a peculiar tourist attraction. If you wish to learn more about what started the tradition of visiting the site to watch the firing of the gun, you have to be there at noon to witness the show and ask about that yourself. The gun is also fired just once so you will have plenty of time to ask and even take as many photos as you want.

Causeway Bay is by far the only place you can get a ride of the Hong Kong’s ancient tram which the locals refer to as the Ding Ding.Viewing the city just by walking may be tiresome andso the tram offers some relief. It is often moving on a slow pace and you can, therefore, get enough time to admire the surrounding. It may, however, be a much slower process than walking but the view you will get will be worth the try.Feel free in the city and just explore. Hong Kong assures you of your safety and this gives you a chance for you to freely visit the Causeway Bay markets and side streets.If the whole of this experience is not enough and you are a lover of books, then there is the Hong Kong library for the lovers of literature and those who just like to learnmore of everything.

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The Things to do in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong