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Top 10 Destinations For Safari In Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s unique landform has made it the place for different styles of safari. You ought to understand that Rajasthan is not just desert. It is a mixture of desert, lush forest, hill station, urban cities and much more. Here are the top destinations to visit in Rajasthan for safari experience.

Ranthambore National Park

This is the icon of safari experience in Rajasthan State. This is the lush natural reserve forest region located in Sawai Madhopur district. Almost all luxury trains that scale Rajasthan include safari in Ranthambore in the itineraries. Top safaris to enjoy in this park are jeep safari and canter safari. This is the best place to spot tigers, sambars, leopards, sloth bear, chitals and numerous colorful tropical and migration birds.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

As the name indicates, this is the right place to enjoy spotting tiger. Due to the population of tigers, the only safari available here is jeep safari. Apart from tigers, you can spot monkeys, antelope, hares, deer, golden jackal, serpent eagle, golden backed woodpecker, bush quail and much more.

Desert National Sanctuary

This is one of the largest parks in the country and true to its name, it includes sand dunes, salt lakes and other desert formations. This is the best place to enjoy desert animals and birds like lagger falcons, hedgehogs, Bengal foxes, black buck, desert cats, wolves, vultures, eagles and much more. Enjoy jeep safari here to enjoy the park.

Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary

This is another important national park in the state focused on birdwatching. This tourist spot is famous for its avian population and it is a heritage site. With 370 different species of birds, you can enjoy the top-notch birdwatching experience here. You can enjoy a trip through the park with bicycle, rickshaw or boat safari.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a lush vegetation region located in Kumbhalgarh. The region is famous for animals like sloth bear, deer, nilgai, jungle cat, hares, antelopes and much more. You can rarely spot Asiatic Lion and cheetals here. Enjoy jeep or canter safari in this region.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu wildlife sanctuary which is located in the hill station in this desert sate. This sanctuary is filled with rocks and the animals live in the cavities and cracks in the rocks. You ought to enjoy jeep safari or other vehicle trips to enjoy spotting leopard, mongoose, porcupine, pangolin, wild boars, foxes, tigers and others. You can find around 250 species of birds in this region.

Darrah National Park

This is a small national park located near Kota. This park allows tourists to take jeep safari to spot tigers and other large mammals. There are a few historic monuments inside the park too. If you do not want the same jeep safari, you can trek through the forest to visit these monuments or spot small mammals.

Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary

This is the sanctuary to spot birds and a few mammals. Apart from numerous bird species, this is the place to spot flying squirrel, pangolin, fox, jackal, jungle cat, caracal, hyena and leopard. Take up jeep safari or other vehicle safari to enjoy the park.

National Chambal Sanctuary

This is a unique style of sanctuary, which focuses on the aquatic species. You ought to spot Ganges river dolphin of this region. Take a boat safari to spot dolphins, turtles and fish species. Take jeep safari to spot hyena, otter, Indian wolf, mugger crocodile and much more.

Mukundara Tiger Reserve

This reserve is another best place for spotting tigers. The place holds more than 50 tiger species. Take up jeep safari to spot tigers and other animals like panthers, wolves, chinkaras and much more.

Do not blindly choose a wildlife sanctuary. Before visiting the site, learn about the best time to visit, visiting hours, safari options and others. It is usually better to visit these regions during winter or early summer. Some parks are at prime beauty during peak summer as the heat would have dried all the grasses in the region to provide a clear view and, since the water holes would have dried up, large mammals including tigers would come up to the main water source to quench their thirst.

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Top 10 Destinations For Safari In Rajasthan