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Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

Going on holiday with your children may sound like a mission at first. Yet, with more practice you may become a well-seasoned in travelling parent. If not, don’t worry. Whether you’re own children, your nieces or nephews or your friends kids – when you bring kids on holiday it’s changed everything. When I started fostering with a private foster agency 2 years ago, I learned quickly that I needed to adjust my travel plans. I understand it can be very overwhelming, so here are some tops tips for travelling with your kids!

Staying organised 

This may sound like a typical advice, and there is nothing more worse than realising your child’s passport is out of date when you have reached the airport. So, stay ahead by checking whether all your family member’s passport dates are up for renewal. Leave at least 4 weeks for the renewal process.

Other tasks includes checking the climate of where you’re travelling to, and whether you have packed the right clothes for your children. Also, it helps to be clear with your partner on who is responsible for which bags before the trip to avoid any stressful arguments. Remember it’s okay to ask for help from family member or child carer with your kids too.

Keeping your kids occupied

It may be hard to fit some of your kids’ favourite toys into the luggage. How about trying some child friendly apps to keep them busy on the plane, or even a child friendly camera to allow them a different perception of their surroundings.

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These photos may surprise you on what your child of at that age, and they will be a great memory to look back on. Give them a journal as well to write in, and to keep their thoughts stimulated. Try not to give your children sweets otherwise you may have to deal with their sugar rushes!

Acquiring a child locator  

As a parent, we are prone to mindless panic when our child has wandered off too far out of sight. Perhaps, it is worth buying a child locator in case they are beyond your pre-set boundaries and track their location so you know where they are at all times.


You are on holiday. It is no fun playing the bad cop all the time. Loosen up with the rules, take your time, and allow your children some freedom to explore as it is their holiday too. That way everyone gets to enjoy themselves. Try allowing your children to pick some activities for the itinerary and you never know what new experiences you may have as a result!

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Top Tips for Travelling with Kids