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Why Take Your Date to a French Restaurant

If you want to have a romantic night, it is time that you think of other restaurants aside from steak hk. While there are many restaurants with romantic ambiance, you must know that a French restaurant is highly sought.

Why consider a french restaurant this time? Here are the reasons:

The foods are flavorful

French cuisine is expensive. This is because it layers the tastes using the right fresh ingredients and technique. In the end, it will leave you wanting more. Think about the crepes, ratatouille, onion soup, thick sauces and many more.

The wines are delicious

Wines are the constant piece in the table. In a French restaurant, there is a wine of every flavor and every palate. This will surely make your experience more memorable. If you are new to wines, you should do your research then flaunt your knowledge when you order.

french restaurant

The accent is romantic

It will not be a French restaurant if the server is not French. There is an appeal to hearing French accent. If you know a little French, you can even fake an accent to impress your partner and it will be romantic. Going to a French restaurant is the closest experience of going to France. For now, you just enjoy their food with your partner.

The ambiance exudes style and sophistication

The French are considered trendsetters in the fashion industry because they exude style and sophistication. You can see their style and sophistication in the restaurant ambiance.

Whatever the reasons may be, just remember that going to a French restaurant is a standard in the dating world. To have a good experience, make sure that you book in advance. Here are other tips you should consider when dining at French restaurants:

  • Prepare to wait: whether you are in Paris or in Hong Kong, French cuisine requires time. This is because the French approach to food creations is more laid-back or less rushed. You have to know that a typical 3 to 5-course dinner takes anywhere from 2.5 hours to 3 hours. If it is lunchtime, it can take around 1.5 hours. Knowing this, you should wait patiently and enjoy the food when it is there.
  • Dress up: you should make a better impression by wearing appropriately. It is not every day that you go to a French restaurant so make an effort.
  • Ordering: when ordering, you should know the difference between a “formule” and “a la carte”. Ordering will be easier if you know these food options. “Formule” just means set-price menu having multiple courses. An “a la carte” option gives you the freedom to choose anything. This is the perfect solution if you do not like the options given in a set-price menu.
  • Reveal food allergies when ordering: if you have a specific food allergy, it is important that you reveal it to the waiter at the onset.
  • Learn proper tipping: restaurants typically do not force the diners to tip the waiters but it is an unspoken rule to give tip. If you had a satisfactory time, 15% tip will do but if you have an extraordinary time, you can be generous by giving 20-25%. This will depend on you.


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Why Take Your Date to a French Restaurant