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Have the Time of Your Life in a Lovely Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Elephants rank among the most majestic, intelligent, empathetic, and absolutely incredible animals on the planet. They form their own complex pack herds, complete with individual personalities and power dynamics between the individual members. They care for one another with such a degree of empathy and emotional connection that human society could stand to learn a thing or two from them. In communing with these incredible creatures, we are thus able to rediscover our own humanity.

Thailand is rightfully proud of its elephant population and has stepped up efforts to protect them in recent years, opening ethical elephant sanctuaries in which these gentle giants can roam, free from harm and with the full possibility of life stretched out before them in some of the nation’s most beautifully verdant natural enclosures.

To raise the funds necessary to remain in operation, these ethical elephant sanctuaries offer guests the opportunity to meet elephants and discover what’s so special about them. By paying a visit to a lovely ethical elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, therefore, you’re not just booking the vacation of a lifetime – you’re helping to contribute to the continued livelihood of one of Earth’s most remarkable species.

Full Day Trips

When you book a full day trip to Chiang Mai’s elephant sanctuary, you’re signing up for a day that’s packed with pachyderm goodness. Every aspect of the day is carefully planned out ahead of time by the staff at the elephant sanctuary. They want what’s best for the elephants and guests alike and so have a vested interest in ensuring that tours through the elephant sanctuary are as constantly engaging as possible, while simultaneously being safe for the elephants.

You’ll be able to get a ride to the sanctuary, at which time you’ll have the opportunity to change into tour-appropriate attire. You’ll then be able to meet the elephants, interact with them up close, enjoy a traditional Thai lunch, and head back for more time with the elephants near rivers and mud spas (a perfect photo opportunity) before heading back.

Half-Day Trips

Even if you’re only in the Chiang Mai area, you can still book an abbreviated visit to the region’s most prominent elephant sanctuary with specials for half-day visits. These trips help guests compress everything, offering pickup services and enabling you to get to and from the sanctuary as quickly as possible, leaving you with that much more time to see the elephants without risking missing your flight.

Tour Tips

There are a few things that you’ll want to keep in mind when booking your trip to the elephant sanctuary. For starters, you’ll want to be sure to wear approved clothing, and clothing you don’t mind getting wet or dirty at that. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that you stow all valuables before heading out. You also want to be careful to listen to your tour guides and obey them at all times, and show the utmost respect towards the elephants while visiting.

They say elephants never forget, and once you’ve experienced a day visiting these remarkable creatures in the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary, neither will you.

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Have the Time of Your Life in a Lovely Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand